Depression Diabetes

My suspicions about the call from the surgery for a repeat blood test were spot on. My HbA1c has soared – I’m diabetic again 😦 .

It’s frightening how one ghastly doctor’s appointment can have had such devastating results; that a full blown PTSD episode can triggered by so few words (What makes you presume you have PTSD?) from an insensitive medical professional at first meeting. I was so shocked by her disdainful tone I could do nothing but comply with her insistence on full details. The major depressive episode following this appointment has caused me nightmares, extreme anxiety, comfort eating, losing interest in everything, including my hobbies, shutting myself in the house and not exercising amongst other things. I’ve put on shedloads of weight and passed my diabetes trigger point. (LWD has also put on weight but hopefully isn’t diabetic!) It’s not been a good 3 months.


Edvard Munch – The Scream

Luckily I have insight into my own mental health, helped in the main by two consecutive previous very understanding and supportive GPs and also by my own experiences as a mental health professional. Okay it took me 17 years to work out why I was having major depressive episodes and finally get diagnosed but in the main I was able to control these episodes by upping meds as and when necessary, and since PTSD diagnosis and therapy I’ve had six untroubled years. I do have and expect the odd blip of heightened anxiety and the occasional bad night, but am able to keep myself in the here and now by recognising, acknowledging and rationalising and it didn’t take long for me to understand the causation of this particular mood crash.

Several people, including some readers of this blog, have suggested that I complain about my new GP. At first I demurred firstly, as everyone can have a bad day at work and I have no idea of the kind of personal or professional pressures this woman may have been under in early September and secondly at the time I first wrote about this I didn’t feel strong enough emotionally to complain. But eight years hard work keeping my weight down and diabetes in remission and six years of Mike Davies, (GP, Twyford) cheering me on (but insisting I keep taking the tablets too!) have been well and truly blighted. I know I have the strength to tackle the weight and mood issues facing me (I’m even getting through this latest episode without a meds increase because I was too anxious to go to the new doctor) but that may not be true for someone else with mental health issues visiting this particular GP and, for that reason only, I intend to send a copy of extracts from this and an earlier blog to the practice manager of the local surgery with the suggestion that this doctor have some refresher mental health and “bedside manner” training.

On the bright side I would like to reassure my regular reader that my mood is improving every day and my calorie intake is diminishing! I’m looking forward to the festive season and planning next year’s travelling and apart from currently being victimised by a seasonal virus I’m doing well.

🙂 🙂 🙂

12 thoughts on “Depression Diabetes

  1. Really good couple of blogs M. Once again…. sorry you had to experience such re-traumatisation…. but so glad to read of your insight, understanding & determination. I’m hopefully ‘Continent’ bound mid/end Jan. Be thinking of you & wishing you re-stabilisation & a 2019 full of good travels, family & health.

  2. Hi Maggs. Sorry to hear you are going through such a tough time!! One thing I know for sure is you are one tough cookie and will make it through to the other side, maybe not unscathed but certainly undaunted and stronger. As if I didn’t already have ample respect for you, your courage to share has increased that respect hundredfold. Love you Maggs xxx

    1. Oh bless you Gill, thank you. It takes one tough dame to recognise another and you too have had more than your share of troubles. Love and respect? Back at ya in spades. Why don’t we live closer 🙃? Love and huge hugs xxxxx

  3. I can’t click the like button on this post as it would be inappropriate considering the seriousness of the subject. We are both saddened by the fact that you were let down the organisation that you gave your skills to support. Here’s hoping that things turn around for you and get the support you need. Wishing all the best.

    1. Thanks to you both for your thoughts and good wishes. I’m treating myself as if I were my own patient and doing “satisfactorily” – damn I’m good!! 😉

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