Where the river ends …

(My regular reader will have noticed my penchant for alphabetising frequently used names; Huish Episcopi being a long-to-type place name will forthwith be added to that list.)

So, we are celebrating our one month anniversary in HE, and what a busy month it has been. I have unpacked and flat-packed, tip runned and charity-shop runned, curtain hung and picture hung, shopped and dropped and finally have come nearly to the end of the list. It has been (mainly) great fun.

We welcomed our first visitors last week J & B came for a couple of nights and gave their seal of approval to the new house and area. Their journey to see us takes half the time it used to.

So with the moving and settling in over with and K and The Smart One about to start at their respective new schools, I can start to explore my new surroundings and decide future plans. At long last I have the new rear corner panel and grey water pipe so that R0X can be repaired. Once that is done she will have a service and MoT,  deep clean and de-personalise and be advertised for sale. Hopefully I shall be able to sell her privately, don’t see why a dealer should make a mint out of me just because I’m downsizing. I’ve had a very brief look in one motorhome centre and quite am taken with the Autosleeper Duetto so far, we shall see. Long conversations to be had with The Bezzies methinks, after all they’re the experts on all things campervan.

I’d like to think that I can be back on the road early next year for a quick trip to Spain and then Holland, Germany and Denmark in June.

Meanwhile here are a few more Somerset views …

Where the river ends

This sign near the river in Langport reads “The River ends at the Sea with mud flats – which can swallow you up!”; a humorous reminder that where the R. Parrett flows into Bridgwater Bay there are 4 miles of mud flats with the second largest tidal height change in the world. Unfortunately there have been drownings with the unwary being caught out on the flats when the tide comes in. The bay itself has much more ominous and serious warning signs.

🙂 🙂 🙂

5 thoughts on “Where the river ends …

    1. Since mobile phones nobody needs public phones, so they were going to take all our iconic red phoneboxes away. There was a huge outcry and so many councils and even some individuals have bought loads of them. Some have been fitted out to sell local produce with honesty boxes, some are decked out with flower displays, others are kitted out with defibrillators even some as libraries but this is the first dual use one I’ve seen; don’t think the phone gets used much but the ATM does.

  1. So, I quickly Googled Huish Episcopi to find out the symptoms and if it was contagious and find it is a place in Somerset that I’ve never heard of. It looks idyllic, just the sort of place to recharge your batteries of life.
    I noticed that your looking at the Autosleeper Duetto. Is that on a Ford Transit chassis? It would be worth checking with your insurance company because the Ford Transit is a high risk it’s the most commonly stolen motorhome at the moment. They load the premiums and usually insist on a Thatchem Tracker.You can buy a master key of E bay that will open any transit.

    1. Thanks for that info, extremely useful to know. Any other useful tips will be gratefully received ☺️ I’m not really sure yet what I want except that the length be a max of 6m.

      1. P.S. Some symptoms of Huish Episcopi are; increased smiling, chatting happily to strangers, feelings of well being, increased lung capacity, lack of irritability and improved sleep. This is not a definitive list and there is no need for medication.

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