Neither K nor the Smart One are good at change so I shall be staying at the new, cheaper, much larger (no more car park sleeping for me!) Langport home for a few months and R0X1 will be spending a while in dry dock  (SORN’d – Statutory Off Road Notice i.e off road and paying no vehicle tax – for six months) parked up on our new drive awaiting MOT, minor damage repairs, servicing etc. and then, after a fantastic four years and 34,874 miles together, I shall be downsizing her. It’s going to be a wrench but I’m more than ready to adjust my nomadic ways a bit.

Towards the end of my 2017/18 eight month trip I was aware that I wasn’t enjoying myself as much as when I started motorhoming. First I blamed all the unfortunate incidents and associated expenses that occurred last trip, next I blamed the inclement weather. The Bezzie pointed out that I didn’t allowed myself time to recover physically  and emotionally from all the hospital tests and procedures of August and September last year before setting out. I was tired and stressed and more than ready to head home a month earlier than planned.

So, after a period of reflection I have made the following observations and recommendations to myself;

  • I miss my family and close friends too much to spend so much time away from them. In future I shall not be away longer than 10-12 weeks
  • I’ve had the best time dashing thither and yon, fulfilling a goodly part of my photography bucket list but continuing at such a pace is giving me quantity of experience over quality, and exhausting me. I shall slow down rate of travel
  • Much as I love Spain it’s so far away, that many miles travelling alone for so many months is not fun any more. I shall still visit Spain but France and Northern Europe will get more of my attention
  • Our move to a bigger house means I won’t have to carry all my worldly goods with me therefore I don’t need such a large motorhome. A smaller Moho means I’ll be able to park more easily in the small towns I love to visit but currently find parking space in difficult

I’m getting my mojo back …

K has decided she would like more of my photos as art work on the walls of our new home, the theme in the hall stairs and landing, unsurprisingly for a family from Torbay, will be the beach. Here are a few of the 50 odd under consideration …

🙂 🙂 🙂

17 thoughts on “Adjustments

  1. A good, sound reassessment. I can heartily recommend N. Europe. S. Germany and Austria are fantastic places to visit. Any thoughts on your next MH?

    1. Definitely something shorter but still with fixed rear bed, don’t think my claustrophobia could cope with a campervan tho’. I’ll start having a look round once we’re unpacked and settled in.

  2. Well, finally you have evaluated the important things!!! I have worried about your lone travels (yes, even from so far away) so I am pleased with your decision, I am sure Kate and JJ are too. Life will still entice your ‘clickings’ to continue and you have new territory to explore at home. You have done amazing things Maggs, memories forever – how about a book of your travels and experiences, friends you made? I am sure you could write one, xxx

    1. Bless you my dear friend, your lovely comments have brought tears to my eyes (yes, seriously). Not sure about writing a book tho’ … xxx

  3. It is not difficult to understand, even me from this windy, crowded, small place feel your decision an intelligent step towards, balance,
    Keep talking when you feel like it and thank you for your open minded words.

    1. Being a Libran I should (if I believed in all that claptrap) know all about balance – obviously I’ve got someone else’s birthday!

      Read the book in one sitting/lying, loved it; going to re-read it slowly to really appreciate it. But it’s another cracker, gripped me and I couldn’t put it down. Well done Maestro!

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