A little bit of the Oxford.

It was a much shorter cruise on the cut than originally planned because of the imminent house move, but a lovely five days nonetheless. I joined BB at Heyford and we meandered up to Banbury. With only 4 locks per day and making early starts, we managed to avoid over-exerting ourselves during the hottest parts of the day.



It was too early for this farm shop and café to be open when we sailed past; shame as those sofas look quite comfy.

The Oxford canal, along with the rest of the system, is not being looked after very well with CART having put profit well before the horse, badly neglecting the towpath which alternates being downright dangerous and on the point of collapse and almost completely overgrown. In other places the banks are so far encroaching into the canal that navigation is down to single file. CART are busy spending money;  just not on maintenance to banks, falling apart lock gates or jammed paddles. The only work we saw being done was licence checking, equipment painting and the application of their brand new logo to anything canal-side that didn’t move. Never thought I’d say this but bring back British Waterways, the Canals and Rivers Trust is even worse.



Linseed crop

It really is a Great British summer this year. The super weather showing the countryside off to it’s best. It’s a bumper year for insects with plentiful butterflies, large numbers of fat damsel and dragon flies and most of the ducks, moorhens and coots on their second broods. The quiet of the cut disturbed only by birdsong and buzzing, with he odd libation of wine or gin to the weather gods, made a great breather before I start the packing …


Views from the Cut

Thanks BB.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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