The weasel-eyed hamster is home

As I was feeling so crappy I wasn’t able to travel quite as fast as I wanted up to Dieppe  but that meant I managed to appreciate some rather nice stops.

First was a very peaceful aire at Rignac, it would be hard to find a quieter one, for an overnight.


Second was a site at St-Germain-les-Belles by a lake at the edge of a very sleepy and pleasant village. I swear the site’s friendly, funny and quite mad Dutch owners only bought it to have enough room to display all their hoards of junk very eclectic mix of collectibles. I stayed two nights.



Third was the aire at Mennetous-sur-Cher, picked for it’s convenient halfway-point placement between the previous night’s stop and my final overnight destination in France. I had no preconceptions it was just a place to put my weary and aching head down. It was a lovely treat to find an intact medieval village centre that has not been over-restored or over-touristified and is still thriving. The boulangerie there sold the most divine croissants I’ve ever eaten and M. Bun the Boulanger was to be seen busy baking his bread in the background (apologies if that’s just too much alliteration for your taste).


Fourth and final was the aire at Giverny as I couldn’t resist the urge to visit Monet’s gaffe again to see the gardens in spring.


La Manche was a millpond, the drive to the car park was easy and by doing my favourite shortcut via Ascot I missed all the M25/4 early evening congestion. My lovely daughter was sitting in her car awaiting my arrival and guarding my parking space in the corner. I got the tea, hugs and sympathy I needed.

My GP agreed that four or five weeks of sinusitis deserves a good helping of antibiotics. Hopefully I’ll stop looking like a weasel-eyed hamster very soon …

🙂 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “The weasel-eyed hamster is home

  1. As a sinusitis sufferer you have my full sympathy. Without antibiotics it was never gonna shift.
    I stockpile drugs (medical!) for our trips. Get well soon and start planning your next trip!

    1. I always have my repeat meds with me, I’ve got my GP trained to prescribe enough for the expected length of my trip. I’ve never had sinusitis before so my self diagnosis was a bit slow!
      My trips are pretty much planned for the next twelve months – Scotland (autumn), Spain/France (winter) and Denmark (early summer 19).

      1. Hope the sinusitis is a one off. A great mix of trips there. We’re pretty much stuck at home until after Christmas whilst James’ prostate gets sorted!
        But we’d already thought a Christmas at home was due after missing 3. My sister doesn’t seem to object to our inviting ourselves!

        1. I’m Christmassing with the family this year – I’m told I spend only alternate festive seasons away …
          I’ve only just discovered that WP (or maybe it was me inadvertently) switched off notifications for your blog – it would appear I have some catching up to do …

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