Water restrictions 2

Derelict factory in Torrox – note the electrical wiring!

Slight inebriation may have played it’s part, but when I returned to R0X1 after a very convivial evening with The Danes, I had a eureka moment. My paternal grandfather, an engineer and inventor of a patented pump, must have been turning in his Lewisham grave that I’d taken so long to think of it. I decided I’d check in the morning …

First thing(ish) the next morning found the water tank once again exposed and me tentatively unscrewing the top of something about which I knew nothing. A few minutes later and I’d found my submersible pump. Remembering something BB had said the previous day about the water level I added 20 litres of H2O. The tank had been reading a quarter full when I started my hairwash, but I noticed that with R0X1 on a slight lean to the right and the pump in the left hand corner the water level might have become too low as BB had suggested. Now the pump was definitely covered.

I replaced the disconnected wire and turned the circuit breaker off …

Big fat nothing … not a sound … de nada …

I was once again scratching my poor head and wondering where the nearest Moho centre is to get the pump replaced (and panicking because K and the Smart One are due to arrive) when The Dane knocked on the door. Somewhere in the course of the previous evening’s bacchanalian feasting I remember pre-retirement careers being discussed. The Dane it transpired had been a lecturer in electrical engineering. He was at the door with electrical testing equipment … pump tested OK, connector block tested OK. After a search for the fuse box, fuse examined … not OK. I carry spares … fuse was changed, breath was held, tap was turned on and …

… water flowed.

That afternoon whilst The Dane rested, The Dane’s equally Danish wife and I went to a local bar and enjoyed live music and drank shandy to celebrate!

🙂 🙂 🙂


9 thoughts on “Water restrictions 2

  1. Oh boy! Not so fond memories of past experiences. Mine had damp floors to boot… 😲😊😊

  2. That wiring looks fine, nothing that a light tap with a hammer wouldn’t sort out. lol 🙂

  3. Happy to know your water is running again thanks to an intelligent friend.
    You had the spare fuses so you were half prepared, cheers.
    But your statement of ” a light tap with a hammer ” to solve things gives me the frisson du trapèze…

  4. Not Apparently !!!! It is a secret, just don’t let the customer see you doing it. lol 🙂 And if your ever short of a fuse, a six inch nail will suffice. ha ha 🙂 Also when you have to quote on a job you are required to say ” what cowboy wired this up” it’s actually listed in the 17th edition under “technical terminology”

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