Water restrictions

The weather is slowly improving and there have been quite a few t-shirt and shorts, but don’t go in the shade, days. LWD has had some forced marches locally there’s a nice track by the river that I can let her run free along. For the past eight years, had I been coming here for the past eight years, I would have had to have said “the nice track by the river bed”. This year however, due to the “torrentials” the R. Torrox and most of the other local rivers have water in them and there’s been enough rain, and therefore more water in the reservoirs, that the local government have reduced the restrictions for crop irrigation a little.




Meantime I’ve had water problems of my own, no I’m not in need of Tenalady, the water pump for the taps, shower and toilet had another hissy fit (see Watery subjects). I had just washed my hair in the on-board shower and came out to hear an odd noise. I assumed it was coming from outside, possibly a street cleaning truck, so I opened the hab door to find out. The noise faded as I set my foot outside; no trucks in evidence, street cleaning or otherwise. Back in the van I tried to isolate where the sound was coming from – ah, the bench alongside the table and what’s under the bench – the water tank. (Cushions flew everywhere – where’s me screwdriver I need to take the seat out?) Yup, it was the water pump. I flicked the habitation circuit breaker and peace descended.

I’d found the electrical connector but there were five wires in total and I hadn’t a scoobies which one would isolate the pump. Who to phone? Bomb disposal, they’re good with wires aren’t they? Nah. Lets call Superbro, BB the electrical engineer (rtd). “Basically” says he “It’s a process of elimination. It’s definitely not the blue wire or the brown wire, try removing each of the other three in turn and see which stops it (it was the second so I didn’t bother with the third). Then you need to find the pump, if there’s a reset switch press it, if that doesn’t work try a light tap with a hammer … “

Heading back into the depths of the water tank space, I tried to follow the wires back to the pump but they disappeared under the heating pipes with nary a sign of the offending article. I attempted to go in under another shelf but having moved all the equipment stored there and a couple of screws it clearly wasn’t the route to the water pump so I put it all back together (and whilst I was there sorted out the mess that the cables from aforementioned equipment had twisted themselves into).

At this point a lot of head scratching went on. BB had said the pump would be close to the tank, I got desperate enough to search further afield. Having no luck and knowing that the pump was now safely isolated electrically I went even further afield – to the Danish neighbours for drinkies and dinner – who needs a flushing loo anyway?

To be continued …

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “Water restrictions

  1. Speaking as an electrical engineer, I really don’t think BB should be giving away our trade secrets like ” if that doesn’t work try a light tap with a hammer . How am I supposed to make any money 🙂 lol

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