Nor any drop to drink …

I’m slowly moving towards Córdoba to meet up with Jo for a few days – it’ll be nice to see her and sight-see with company again – and I’ve stopped at a little place called Berlanga. It appealed when I read about it in the Aires guide as it’s at a small nature park/free zoo on the outskirts of town. I hesitated to drive onto the designated parking spot for Autocaravannas as there appear to be some improvements being made and the normal entrance was closed and the diversion was via a muddy track. On finding the parking was not hardstanding I drove straight back out. I have mentioned the rain here haven’t I? In my experience sandy soil, frequent monsoon type downpours and 3.5 ton of truck do not make a happy mix. I had visions of having to be towed out. The place was deserted – did I mention the rain? – I parked in the ordinary car park.

LWD and I had a wander round; it’s an attractive, very tranquil place. They’ve diverted a culvert from the main river to make a pond before returning the water over a waterfall and back to the river. Dozens of birds were low flying over the pond feeding on the insects. We mooched until … it started raining again.

Overnight we had … wait for it … torrential rain which continued throughout the morning. LWD snuggled up with me all morning whilst I read in bed. During a short dry spell we went out for another mooch around midday and I was glad I’d picked up the camera …


The water level had dropped a couple of metres by late afternoon but it’s raining (hard) again now. I’m pretty certain we’re not in danger of floating away tho’ …

Glug, glug, glug …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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