West of the border, down Portugal way …

I now know that the leisure battery will give me four nights 12 amp as long as I don’t do any photo editing on the MacBook; the poor old inverter struggles with that. I may have to reconsider the solar panel issue as I’m finding I’m wanting to spend more and more time off grid. The Aire I’ve been at for the past few nights does 24hrs electricity for €2.50, which is very good but not that many places do it at all let alone that cheap, so today I’m treating myself to power and charging every battery I can find. And as today’s weather is not as warm and sunny as it’s been the last week I’m catching up with aforementioned photo editing and blogging.

First night in Portugal was in Castro Marim, tiny place with an interesting medieval castle and an exhibition of torture tools from the Inquisition. I must be getting squeamish in my old age – the heavy wooden chair with leg, arm, waist and neck straps was studded all over the seat, back and armrests with large iron spikes and was my unfavourite; of all the torture instruments I found it especially gross. All in the name of Christianity … yesteryear’s terrorists if you ask me. I decided to spare you dear regular reader, and didn’t take photos of the exhibition.

Castro Marim

Second up is Vila Real de San António a quiet, well in January it is, border town. The Aire is riverside to the Guardiano with Ayamonte (Spain) on the other bank. VRSA as it is known locally, in its heyday was a busy port and fishing town, catering now mostly to tourists. I met and spent a lot of time over the weekend with convivial companions Sharon and Matt who are in the process of giving a forever home to Rrrita (short for Señorita – don’t forget to roll the R). She’s an indeterminate breed of around LWDs size with the prettiest of faces and light brown velvety fur. Daize and Rita hit it off, had a great time together on the tiny beach here and both were very tolerant of the frequent wine-o’clock stops!

Vila Real de Santo António

Matt and Sharon are off to the rescue centre today to sign the adoption papers and get Rita’s passport. I’m off tomorrow after I’m fully charged, for a side trip up to the the lakes before heading to Luz at the end of the week.

🙂 🙂 🙂

8 thoughts on “West of the border, down Portugal way …

  1. Good pictures, nice comments; from my side didn’t and I will never comment tools…
    Keep going and use the sun.

  2. Hi Maggie, loving your blog. Like you, when I manage to get away in my MoHo I enjoy staying mostly on aires or wildcamping which leads me onto the subject of solar panels & batteries. If you only have 1 leisure battery it may be more economical to add 1 or 2 extra batteries if you have the space for them; this would greatly extend your ‘off grid’ capabilities. If you already have multiple batteries then I’d look at converting your lights to LEDs as these consume much less power than traditional or halogen bulbs. I’d go for a solar panel or panels almost as a last resort as they are pretty expensive compared to the above. Having said all that I’m probably going to have a 150w solar panel fitted this year (& yes, I do have multiple leisure batteries & LED lights)..

    Safe travels.

    1. Hi Norman. I’ve looked into other options, no room for an extra battery, all lights already LED. Before I do anything else I’m going to take the MacBook in when I get back to see why it’s pulling so much juice. At least I now know not to use it when I’m not hooked up!!

  3. Hi Maggie and Daisy, we hope you are doing well. I think we must have started something down at VRSA beach, Rita now just loves the sand!!!! Cheers Matt and Sharon

    1. As you may have read Daisy is banned from beaches at the moment – I haven’t actually told her that, just not taking her. Not that it’ll make much difference as she rubs her ears on the grit of the paths round here, if she’s not careful she’ll be banned from going off lead. Why, exactly, did I have a long hairy eared dog? Oh yes, cos’ I like to keep the vets all over Europe in business!!! Stay safe and well – all three of you xx

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