Stop thief!

Daize and I have both had hair cuts this week. LWD’s grooming session was done at the neighbours. Using my new clippers Jo and I, but mostly Jo, removed quite a lot of fur from LWD’s coat. Amazingly the result was much better than the previous groom she had in Spain two years ago. But it did make a bit of a mess …

This morning Jo and I had trims and Karina a complete restyle by a Spanish hairdresser recommended by a fellow camper. It was done at her home where she has a tiny salon, those waiting were invited to sit in the lounge and coffee was offered. The multi-generational family own and live together on a small holding and  our hairdresser, Natalie does waitressing as well as hairdressing to make ends meet.  Lovely, lovely people and so generous.

We didn’t make quite such a mess as LWD but then we didn’t keep shaking …

This evening “4 foxy ladies and a gigolo” became PIST (Pinar International Seniors Trophy) champions at the Pinar quiz. My fellow Championship winning teammates were Julie, Karina, Diana and Gary. It was the most utterly trivial of quizzes I’ve ever done and we were all totally gobsmacked that we won.

L to R; Diana, Karina, Julie, me, Gary.

Within half an hour our Champions cup had been stolen – we await the ransom demand. Interpol have been informed and are to head up the investigation.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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