Wandering locally

I spent the couple of days before the Bezzies were at Camping Pinar St José, Zahora having a wander locally …



R&S arrived safely and more or less on time (by my estimation of their journey time) on Sunday.  I was out wandering locally …

The following day, as S didn’t want another long drive, it was decided we would wander locally along the beach to the Roman ruins. Out of the campsite, R said, turn left and they’re along there by the beach, after the bridge and before the village. Off we set along the beach; after three and a half miles there was still no sign of the supposedly impressive Roman ruins and we had reached the edge of the village. We continued, as we could see plenty of bars and restaurants ahead and were all, LWD included, in need of refreshment. After a further half mile we finally hobbled into a restaurant/bar, the only one open literally for miles. The tapas was OK, the wine was OK, the seat was wonderful!


We were chased back to site by some very ominous looking clouds which thankfully were not cruel enough to deposit anything wet on us. On arrival S looked at the map and discovered that not only had we been walking the wrong way along the beach, said Roman ruins were sixteen miles away in the opposite direction just outside Tarifa!

Fast forward 24 hours and we finally arrived by campervan at Baelo de Claudia! I forgave R immediately; said Roman ruins did indeed impress.



🙂 🙂 🙂

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