Four lunches and a hospital

I’m now ensconced in Granada just a 6km bus ride from the Alhambra; to visit which I have a ticket for tomorrow.

My second week with Rosemary and John was a continuation of gastronomic delights but there were some challenging moments. We ate “out” and we ate “in”.

Out last Sunday was at a hotel and restaurant that R&J wanted to try out. We ordered starters and a main course each. Our large size starters arrived one at a time so we shared as you do, all were gorgeous. The only trouble was by the time our main courses arrived we had all eaten so much already none of us could take much more than a token taste. This was the too much lunch.

Tuesday was out to lunch at the house of some friends of R&J’s. We drew up at the front door to be met by a plaintive cry for help from our host. Our hostess had got up to greet us and tripped over; I took one look at the angle of her foot and shouted for the men to leave her on the floor. My diagnosis proved correct unfortunately, when after a two and a half hour wait for an ambulance to take her to the hospital, the X-ray showed she had a fractured neck of femur. Poor lady, she was incredibly brave, she was in great pain but me sitting beside her, holding her hand and encouraging deep breathing whilst we waited seemed to help a little. This was the no lunch, lunch.

Thursday was “out” to an Indian restaurant. It was absolutely excellent, almost up to the Hawelli, Twyford’s annual award winning standards! This was the just right lunch.

It was the paella party “in” on Friday that took the “lunch of the week prize”.

Paella for eight at R&J’s – cooked by R&J – brilliant.

My third patient of the year now has a new hip, is beginning to mobilise and should be home in a couple more days. Have a speedy recovery Bet!

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Four lunches and a hospital

  1. By Beck that’s one big paella.🍨🍲 i always said you should start a mobile nursing service 😷

  2. Do your friends have accidents when you are around so you would not forget how to be a nurse? How nice of them! Well, three patients, not bad for a travelling retiree… Great lunches!
    Hope the sun is out again! Here we stay indoors because of chaos on the snowy roads. Garden looks fairytale like.

    1. I wouldn’t mind but nobody offers to pay me 😒
      Weather isn’t so good here, I’m hoping it will be better when I get down to the south coast. Stay warm and have a great festive season!

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