Watery subjects

Yesterday was housework day and cupboards including the garage got blitzed. Anything not used in the past 24 months got thrown. Anything not thrown got tidied and cleaned – well, most things got cleaned – well, some made do with a lick and a promise. I have never laid claim to being a great cleaner; better things to do with my time. Late afternoon whilst it was still warm LWD had a forced march along the prom until we came to a nice watering hole … much better use of my time.


The Prom – about 1 ½km long

So there I was at the far end of the bay, sitting watching the sun starting to descend behind the mountains, sipping a tiny glass of vino blanco when I spotted my pitch neighbour Richard advancing very rapidly and purposefully towards me. He looked concerned – I became concerned. “Give me your van keys quick” he puffed “ you must’ve left a tap on and there’s water pouring out under the hab door!” I handed over the keys and he was off like a shot. I finished my wine … then followed.

When I got back to site, bless them, he and Sharon had emptied out the shower, from whence came the leak, and mopped up a bit. Rugs and mats had been hung up to dry and the laundry bag was outside draining on the step stool. “Don’t understand it” said my out-of-breath hero “ Taps were all off, no idea where the water came from. Unfortunately plug was in the shower. The pump was running so I’ve turned off all the electrics. Now we need to investigate.”

Richard is an engineer and obviously thrives on this sort of knotty problem. It turned out that the push switch to flush the loo had short circuited and the pump came on. Ergo, the loo was constantly flushing and of course the cassette was closed (nasty niffs otherwise) but at least it was nice clean water that cascaded out of the bowl and through my abode. What it also meant was that much sand and mud having been traipsed through on the wet floor, I had to set to and clean floors etc. again today. Luckily everything dried quickly and nothing was ruined, well except for the circuit board and a new one of those is already on order. Lucky too that Richard noticed what was happening and managed to get the pump disabled before it burnt out when the water tank emptied.

And it wasn’t my fault …

Whilst on watery subjects, the Spanish Navy were playing games in the bay today. They involved the larger ship repeatedly circling the smaller one and a couple of ribs charging around kicking up a lot of spray between – boys and their toys …

I watched from the beach bar, with a tiny glass of vino blanco in my hand …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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