The fish slapping fiesta

When I arrived here on Monday I very soon learned that it was fiesta time and that the climax would be this weekend. Fantastic …

Then I was told that it was the sardine fiesta and I’ve spent the whole week giggling to myself because the images that immediately came to mind, and will not budge, are of Cleese, Palin, Teddington lock and the fish slapping dance.

It is of course a religious festival. According to legend pirates came to the town to pillage, rape and kill; they got to the church to grab the goodies there but the statue of the Virgin Mary started to weep, so they took fright and ran away leaving the town and its inhabitants pretty much unscathed and I believe that the fishermen then donated sardines as a token of thanks. Tomorrow the final parade of the Virgin’s statue for this year’s festival is due to be held.

This morning this hibernating little town woke up, rolled out the sidewalks and started partying. There’s a fair on the beach, the promenade is lined with food and toy stalls and the bars and restaurants are doing a roaring trade. Commercialism rules so I offer no apologies for my Pythonesque humour.

The fair on the beach

Excuse me I must try to hunt down Cleese and Palin, word has spread that they’re here to slap a couple of sardines around …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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