(No, I’ve not become a Kiwi and it wasn’t really Wednesday, it was Monday, but that didn’t make for a catchy title …)

I decided I didn’t want to stay more than the weekend at La Manga, pretty tho’ the beach area was and great as the amenities were. The pitches were each surrounded on three sides by 7-8 ft high hedges, not good for catching the low autumn rays and rather claustrophobic. So I headed for the alternative destination first thing Monday morning – well what counts as first thing when one is retired!

Overnight a rather stiff northerly breeze had sprung up, tho’ not a cloud in a bright blue sky. The route demanded a straight westerly drive through flat countryside which I’m sure under normal circumstances offers  long distance views to the horizon; not, however when you have a stiff (I may be understating the case here) northerly breeze stirring up vast clouds of dust. Add to that the sudden appearance of whole bushes bowling along the carriageway of the autovia and R0X1’s rocking in the side swipes winds increased each time I had to swerve. My shoulders ached a bit when we arrived here and I’d only been driving (slowly) an hour and a bit.

Here is Bolnuevo, next door to  Mazarrón, a place I’ve visited, and liked, already but a new campsite. Not as pretty, pretty as the postcard place but it’s beachside, has great walks for the LWD and not a hedge in sight.

Oh, and it has these rather beautiful limestone natural “sculptures” …




4 million windsdays for this to be created.

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “Windsday

  1. Dear Maggie

    Even though a forced march sounds uninviting, you should be glad of the lovely weather! I’m sure Daisy is pleased to have such a long walk.

    Weather in U.K. at present is cold, wet and foggy, so your boats and fish
    look very appealing to the poor souls over the Channel. Andrew is leaving today. He will be with us late tonight.

    This morning we went to Aguilas market. I was able to walk up and down several rows and bought some essential items of clothing! Long time
    since I have been able to do that.

    Looking forward to seeing you, let us know your eta! Lots of love from
    Rosemary and John XXXX
    PS I received your blog, “not much to write home about” then promptly
    deleted it, silly me! So had to reply on Windsday page!

    1. I always call it her forced march simply because there’s no force needed! Glad your mobility continues to improve – looking forward to seeing it for myself. Hope you have a great time with Andrew, give him my best wishes. What time would you like me – I’m not exactly coming far … xxx

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