Tilting at windmills.

When I began this adventure one of the many must have photographic destinations was in Castille La Mancha. Consuegra and the windmills of Don Quixote fame. I didn’t make it on my first long trip to Spain – but I have now. It didn’t disappoint tho’ I did try to get other perspectives as well as “the ridge” cliché.

When I arrived there was a party of secondary school kids visiting. They were obviously having the “full monty” tour as there were two actors playing The Don and Sancho (no sign of the horse or donkey) and using, I presume, Cervantes’ words. Colour me amazed; they had the kids in the palms of their hands. Anyone who can do that to teenage kids on a school trip about a 400 year old novel, has my admiration.

I really must read the book …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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