Altitude and attitude.

The altitude at our current aire, the car park of the Bull Ring,  (I hasten to add that by parking here I’m not displaying any support for what I consider a barbaric form of entertainment)  is 3,377 ft. The early morning temperature was 0℃ but with the chill factor from a stiff easterly wind, it felt colder; at least the sun put in an appearance. I fancy it won’t be long before the mountains to the east are sprinkled with a drop of the white stuff. I layered up, donned hat and scarf and ventured out, but not until late morning.

Unsurprisingly, the shops in Segovia appeared to be doing a brisk trade in gloves, hats and scarves to the ill prepared grockles. Just to be different, this particular grockle bought slippers, – yes family, you heard it from my own computer; not only did I purchase slippers, they are currently being worn!


Once more – from the top!

Having spent yesterday’s forced march mainly around the aqueduct and close environs, LWD was delighted that we walked further today, saw different sights and she even had a play off lead in a park. The views from this hilltop town are stunning.


Sierra de Guadarrama


The Alcazar (palace, bottom left) is undergoing restoration . For me, like Carcassonne, it’s a bit too Disneyfied and over-restored. I prefer old buildings to have less clean lines and “prettiness”, leave them their wonky walls, ragged roofs and faded beauty. Patch the roofs, deal with the leaks, prop ‘em up, make ‘em safe and let them tell their tales via their blemishes.

Just saying …

🙂 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “Altitude and attitude.

  1. Popped in there on our way back through Spain in April. Could’ve spent a lot longer – never got much of a look at the palace / castle. Stunning aqueduct!

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