What the Romans did …

… for Segovia.


It starts here, the building in the background is the second waterhouse that was used to filter the water, from the R. Frio 15 k away, in a large tank containing sand.


As the slope gets steeper, the aqueduct gets taller.


Round the bend ..


813 m. long …


28.5 m. tall.


All that for this water channel.

Built in the 1st century CE the aqueduct in Segovia was still in use until the mid 19th century.

It’s absolutely awe inspiring.

🙂 🙂 🙂

9 thoughts on “What the Romans did …

  1. That’s an amazing piece of engineering when you consider what they had to work with.

    1. I was thinking that whilst looking at it – wooden scaffolding, block and tackle, ladders, slaves … There are some interesting regular dents in the larger blocks of stone I assume that they were originally holes that lifting poles could be used in, but now eroded.

  2. Superb pictures of an amazing work.
    They did do thinks properly these Romans.
    Thank you for showing it.

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