Freshly washed Salamanca

[I’m a couple of days late posting this blog as sometimes 5 gig of data per month is simply not enough – I’ve now upgraded my phone contract with loads of extra data allowance. Sorry for the delay.]

After a night of very heavy rain during which the quadruped did manage to convince the biped that both their night’s unrest due to RoR (Rain on Roof) would be improved  by snuggling, LWD got out of her usual forced march today as the bus company does not accept quadrupeds in their vehicles. LWD does not accept that she’s a quadruped but was unable to convince any biped to agree with her. I travelled, unaccompanied, in bright sunshine on the bus into a freshly washed Salamanca.

I don’t know about you regular reader, but I’m in danger of becoming historic centred out – after the next couple of towns I may have to slightly alter the running order of this trip to refresh my eyes with some rural visits. But here are some of todays historic centre buildings …


🙂 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “Freshly washed Salamanca

  1. We were in Salamanca 3 weeks ago. Stayed at the Parador. Went there on the train from Madrid. We enjoyed it. Try Avila too.

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