I wasn’t expecting That.

As advertised the aire was between two windmills with a third one to the east, on top of an escarpment with fantastic views of both land and sky, very quiet, on the edge of a small town downhill, that couldn’t be seen through the trees.

Clockwise from top left; grindstones Windmill 2, Windmill 2. Windmill 3, Windmill 1

After the first night’s lightening display, last night’s starlight spectacular was also much appreciated, if it hadn’t been a tad chilly I’d’ve got the chair out and sat there for hours. I had the place all to myself both nights.

On taking LWD for her usual forced march yesterday morning,  guess what I discovered …


the guide book was correct; there are rather a lot of Bastide towns in this area and this was another of them!

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “I wasn’t expecting That.

  1. Hi, following and enjoying your blog. We live (for half of the year) in Castelnau Montratier and have rarely seen vans in the aire, which is a shame as it’s a lovely town. We were in Madrid while you were there, so missed the storm….and the opportunity to meet you. Great photos, Lynne.

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