The Bastide(a) Triangle

I had to laugh at myself earlier, I was sort of “head writing” this blog when I realised I was trying to translate it into French. Quoi?  What was phenomenal was that I was quite a way along before I got stuck for words – who said “You stuck for words – how unusual”?

Anyway, I’d discovered in my Eye Witness guide that there are lots of Bastide towns around here with three of them being pretty close to one another. To my delight the aires book informed me that each had a free aire. I took that as an indicator that we should visit les trois.

Monpazier was first up, the aire was fairly busy but I managed to find a spot that had us with a  modicum of personal space and we ended up staying 3 nights. The town was delightful and I imagine that there’s been a fair amount of sensitive restoration. As usual in this sort of place there were quite a few “artisan” shops and had I owned a home I could’ve furnished it very happily without going anywhere else, so I had a haircut instead!


Next up and all of 15km away was Villereal. It didn’t start well – the aire was being used as a builders yard – good job I had no intention of staying the night there. I got chatting to a lady in the town centre and commented on the contrast between the two towns, Villereal being very dilapidated and tatty, in much need of TLC. She explained that each Mayor has his own budget for restoration and that all budgets are not created equal. If it weren’t for the fact that there is a little work being done I’d’ve thought the town’s budget was zero. I had a quick coffee and we left. (They didn’t even sell decent fridge magnets.)


Monflanquin, a further 16 km, and completion of the triangle – well I haven’t a clue. There were supposed to be two aires, the only one I found, and I looked hard was tatty and a very long hike from the town. I couldn’t even find a car park that could accommodate us; so we left. And that was when I got the idea for the Bastide(a) Triangle – a bit unlucky and we could’ve disappeared into thin aire!



Unfortunately my alternative aire for the night at Cahors was full and a height barrier has been installed so the advertised overspill parking was not available. So I gave up on viewing the medieval pedestrianised bridge. By this time I was completely fed-up with farting around and looked in the guide for somewhere else close by.

The idea of an aire next door to a windmill amongst a line of windmills caught my imagination, and here we are with splendid views, the aire all to ourselves and a wee thunderstorm for entertainment.

Oh, and the hair cut is great …

🙂 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Bastide(a) Triangle

  1. There’s a lovely aire at Vers. & if you see a bearded long haired guy in the village its my good friend Mike Tipper. X

  2. And why not a picture of the hair cut instead of Monflanquin?? ;-)) glad you are seeing wonderful places, again!

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