Failed extortion attempt

With a view like this to wake up to, who wouldn’t stay another night?


I frog-marched LWD around the medieval citadel of Parthenay this morning. The weather was warm and bright and with the antibiotics kicking in I’m feeling better and brighter. The old walled citadel sadly has seen much better days; I estimate at least 70% of the businesses were permanently closed, however there was some evidence of restoration and rejuvenation. This place has quite a history and the locals seem keen to preserve it.



We walked down to the river so I could photograph the rickety bridge from below the ramparts, LWD was on point as we trip-trapped along but failed to alert me to the possibility of an ambush – the photographs below may be used in evidence at the upcoming trials against The Billy Goats Gruff for attempted extortion and against the Troll for conspiracy, aiding and abetting.



This afternoon whilst pumping Vitamin D to help my immune system and serotonin levels I contemplated whether I travel to blog or blog to travel but came to no particular conclusion. I’m sure it doesn’t matter …

Okay Regular Reader, you got me – I sunbathed.

I’ve no idea what the temp was but LWD wilted and it felt hot to me …

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “Failed extortion attempt

  1. It makes no matter if you travel to blog or blog to travel, so long as you travel and so long as you blog, everyone’s happy, win win situation !

    Enjoy the sun because there ain’t much of it happening here…. 😩 Or is that cuz I work nights I don’t get to see much of it !! 😉

    1. Sorry you’re not seeing the sun – my face could be mistaken for a stoplight at the moment and it isn’t because I’m embarrassed 😎🤗😂

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