Undeserved reputation

I’m a bit shocked at the fuel prices in France, with the pound at virtual parity, €1.36 is a lot to pay for a litre of diesel (unleaded is over €1.45) though by shopping around so far I’ve done ok finding diesel at €1.22 at some supermarkets. At one of which I decided to check my tyre pressures. Unfortunately I don’t have 8 ft long arms. It was almost a stretch too far putting air in on the side closest to the machine; as for the other side … There was an engineer working on one of the petrol pumps. After politely asking (in French) for his help, he pressed the air button whilst I held the delivery end on the valve. Effusive thanks to the helpful engineer and sorted.

LWD enjoyed an early morning runaround in the lovely park at Cloyes-sur-Loir, the overnight stop for our 3rd night in France.

During a brief stop for lunch and to look around at the outside of the Chateau in Blois, I was delighted when a shop owner on seeing me looking through the window opened up for me even knowing I only wanted a fridge magnet. It was a fun visit, we nattered away for quite a while, she practiced her English and I my French! She accused me of being fluent … maybe one day.

Turquant was the day’s main destination and overnight stop. A pretty village with troglodyte dwellings most still lived in, and quite a few as businesses, restaurant, disco, art gallery and my personal favourite the winery!

I woke this morning to the certain knowledge that I had to find a doctor and/or a pharmacy. In part due to the recent procedures in the nether regions of my body, the wee infection I had 10 days ago has returned. I found a pharmacy and explained my problem (proud of my French language skills these days) the pharmacist was unable to supply me without prescription BUT he then went above and beyond. He phoned the doctor and made me an appointment and told me that afterwards although he would be shut I was to come back and knock on the door and he would fill the script. Doc examined me thoroughly took the history (in French) and agreed with both me and the pharmacist that the prescription I’d been given at home was neither the correct amount nor for long enough and I started the antibiotics 30 mins later.

I honestly don’t know why the French have such a bad reputation – I’ve always found them, as today and yesterday very helpful and kind.

Tonight finds me at Parthenay, parked up safely with a river view and on the edge of a beautiful park with excellent LWD facilities. We’ll probably stay for a couple of nights.

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “Undeserved reputation

  1. Bonjour! So nice to hear you speak French, you can be proud of yourself! And so happy you got the help of such a nice pharmacist! If only everyone were that nice, the world would be a better place! Get well soon!

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