Monet’s Gaff and Garden

My regular reader will be totally unsurprised that there has already been a change of plan.  This CoP took place halfway across the somewhat choppy channel and was in addition to the CoP that occurred before main engine start, so I’ll deal with them in order.

I’m not headed for Spain straight away and the Picos will be left for spring as I’m already a month behind schedule and am now delaying my arrival in Spain by a further week. Along with thousands of others K & L had their holiday plans snafued when Monarch went into receivership last week. They will get all their money back (eventually) but both were so disappointed not to be going on holiday in a couple of weeks. I felt for them especially as I was about to swan off again. So I threw a suggestion at them – and return flight only for two was booked within minutes! The only flights that were left at a halfway decent price, well it will be half term that week of course as both are teachers, were flights to Nice or Toulouse. I nixed Nice as it’s too far out of my way so I’m picking them up at Toulouse and they will have a few days in the van with me. Depending on temperatures we can either Atlantic or Mediterranean coast it and see some sights along the way.

Main engine start had me with a vague plan to go to Bilbao for a few days before heading back over the Pyrenees to pick up the girls. That was before I met Jo. I spotted her whilst we were queuing to go through passport control and clocked her as a fellow lone traveller. Then we met in the cafe on the ferry and decided to sit together for a while; well actually the whole journey, so busy nattering we hardly noticed the Rough. As you do, we exchanged views of the world (similar), frustration at people who think we’re “sooo brave”  and others who think we must be lacking something as we don’t have men – you get the picture. Amongst other topics covered were overnight stops and Jo told me that there is a motorhome stopover at Giverny. I pass by the sign for Giverny every time I come over and return but’ve never got round to stopping. Jo was right to reassure me that the gardens are still very colourful at this time of year, but only a couple of Monet’s waterlilies to be considered. (I really have watched far too much Python!)

So first night in France since June, in the car park at Monet’s Gaff and Garden …


Off to a great start.

🙂 🙂 🙂

13 thoughts on “Monet’s Gaff and Garden

  1. Not sure who wrote this, “If every thing went as planned, where would the adventure be”.
    Lovely photos as usual, you do find some stunning locations

    1. That’s the adventure – finding the places! Giverny’s not exactly unknown given the 20+ coaches that arrived first thing this morning. I did feel very smug tho’ not having to follow the umbrella 🌂 and wandering as I chose!

  2. Have a great trip aunt Magg’s, plans are made to be modified are they not ? It’s your time to do all the you things, go where you want when you want, that was the grand plan wasn’t it ! Enjoy all the sights and sounds of your new adventure.
    Ohh and good luck with the book !!! 😉

  3. We stayed at Parador Fuentes de and walked in the picos for a week. Go up on the cable car and enjoy!

  4. changing plans… Well, isn’t that a feeling of great freedom!
    Beautiful colours in the gardens, we visited in summertime, long ago… Could go back in autumn, they look fab!
    Seems meeting will be postponed once more… As you guessed, June is travelling time for us, not going south though, but north, to Scandinavia, so it would add a lot of km’s to your trip… Well, next, next, next time! So glad we can still meet here. Looking forward to your travel posts! Safe travels!

  5. Hi Maggie

    The pics look beautiful!! Keep changing your plans, they seem to lead you to great places regardless where you go

  6. Fab pix. We’ve just spent a few days in the stunning hills north of Nice, had to drag ourselves away. cold at night but lovely during the day and super walking country. Changes of plan always work out best … meant for a reason.

    1. I’m at Castelsarrasin in a holding pattern to pick up my girls from Toulouse airport tomorrow. Claggy, wet and cold – thank heavens for free electricity. Forecast is good for Perpignan which is where we’re headed. I’ll bear the good walking near Nice in mind, LWD likes a forced march!

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