Matinee theatre

I went to the theatre yesterday afternoon and …

Three nice things happened;

My ankles measure as slim so that’s two parts of my body sorted!! I’m sure however, that my beautiful slim ankles did not look sexy in the pair of black compression knee-hi’s I was measured for!

My admitting nurse having suddenly disappeared came back to announce that she’d gone back to the computer to check my date of birth because, to her, I look and act well younger. Knew there was a good reason to love the Portuguese! No reason to love my son who sent me this card 10 days ago which I’d suggested as a good buy for his Uncle’s birthday and J forgot to send … J’s piss poor excuse was there was no point in wasting it and he deemed it just as appropriate for my birthday – well it might’ve been if it were pink.


My daughter came to collect and sign me out of the hospital – they wouldn’t discharge me without a “responsible” adult’s signature. As K walked in the ward the lady in the bed opposite exclaimed “That’s my son’s teacher!” – it’s a small world is about the truest cliché of them all. In view of the fact that K is indeed her son’s teacher, I refrained from doubting the validity of K’s claim to responsible adulthood in front of the child’s mother.

Three great things happened;

I finally got my treatment and all the slightly iffy cells are no more, they are removed, deceased, they are dead as parrots.

I woke up from the anaesthetic, I am none of the above.

The third time was a charm, I can leave for all points south on Saturday and don’t have to change the ferry booking for a fourth time.

🙂 🙂 🙂

10 thoughts on “Matinee theatre

  1. I am delighted to hear all is finally looking good for you I really hope you start your trip on Saturday and wish you a wonderfull and safe trip. I am in camping mar menor I picked it up from your blog it’s a unique place it was 28 here yesterday alas I must fly home on 19 hoping to come back 13 nov in mean time will be waiting to hear about your travels Tom

  2. All good news! Happy to read that! Can imagine you want to get to Spain asap! But the Brasschaat aire is still around the corner, and we’re free for a drink on Saturday night, Sunday morning (that’ll be coffee or tea then ;-( ) and all Monday… So if you feel like postponing Spain… Or you could of course pop in on your way back… Just let us know! Safe travels!

  3. Thanks for the invite and I did seriously consider coming. But after all the recent stress I’m desperate for sun and warmth. But I’ll take you up on the way back invite in June – bet you’ll be travelling … if so we can find somewhere to meet I’m sure. 😊 x

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