Autumn glory

In the south of England this weekend has been an echo of summer, not necessarily this country’s summer, but t-shirt and sandals get-outside-while-you-can weather.

I’ve always thought of spring as being the colourful season, but maybe that’s just because after winter everything is fresh and bright, like youth. Breathing in all the fiery, flamboyant colours whilst walking LWD this afternoon, Nature gave me a different way of thinking. Autumn is not about resting back and taking it easy, it’s about fire and spirit and vibrance. Today’s spectacle of colour has shown me that my autumn is also about those things. Unconsciously I’ve been living in that manner since retiring, but now understanding I intend to glory in my autumn years and they are going to be even more have-a-go and feisty than ever.

Autumn glory

I’m sure none of the above is original philosophical thinking, but it’s definitely my new credo …

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Autumn glory

  1. The Extreme knitter occasionally gives me a bash around the back of my head and says ” we are not old”
    You have to respect a spirited, positive woman. 🙂 lol Good luck for Saturday.

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