Oscopies and biopsies

This summer has been an experience – inertia interspersed with activity, rationality and knowledge with anxiety, disappointment (being unable to meet up with P&M as arranged) but above all frustration at being static.

I’ve kept myself busy, sort of, by redecorating – as much as one can in a 7 x 2.32 metre home! It boils down to more light strings and new pictures! I got a bit bored of looking at prints of my own photos so decided some small “art” would replace them. Unfortunately couldn’t find any that I liked – so bought some fancy frames and artsy craft paper and made my own. The best bit being that when I get bored with the new pictures there’s loads more craft paper in the pack to work my way through.

Eat your heart out Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen!

I’ve re-jigged cupboard space and (once again) tidied and decluttered cupboards and the garage. I’ve sorted the route through Spain and re-thought future travel arrangements. Having moved all R0X1’s, Daisy’s and my necessary annual appointments with destiny to August, I shall henceforth depart these shore each September and return at the end of June. This will save on ferry fares and diesel, and avoid much lousy weather. K & JJ will be coming to join me for a week during the spring break.

So apart from a couple of short trips and some days out, my regular reader may well be wondering why I’ve been static for the past 8 weeks … and the short answer is … hospital investigations. Thankfully all the (3) oscopies and (4) biopsies have come back clear of anything nasty so after some minor treatment early next week and a birthday curry, main engine start will occur on Saturday.

  🎼 Next week I’m off to sunny Spain, hey, viva Espagna …

🙂 🙂 🙂

10 thoughts on “Oscopies and biopsies

  1. Brilliant M. Me similar too. Endoscopy nxt week. Fingers crossed for ‘right’ results too. Enjoy your ‘engine start’ & the foreign ‘continuation’. Me, as usual, hoping to be on my pre booked Santandar ferry early Jan. Maybe c u doon there in the sunshine. Xx

  2. It’s good to hear that you are tickerty boo on the health front and getting yourself organised. Looking forward to your posts from Portugal as it’s on one of our wish lists.

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