I’m back …

The last night in France for a while was spent on an Aire 27kms outside Dieppe. The weather had obligingly turned cooler to prepare LWD and I for t’other side climate. The trip to t’other side was unexceptional but the welcome home was anything but! Literally neighbours threw open their windows to shout greetings and had “my girlies” K, L and E hugged me any harder I would now be as tall and thin as a Pepperami! I felt like a superstar. The Smart One played it cool for a little while (he’s interrupted a stay at his Dad’s to greet Grandma) but he soon swapped his (almost) teenage toughness for a good cuddle.

Too much excitement had me waking at 3am. By 4am sneaking into the flat to grab my computer and compose a blog I discovered K also wide awake and suffering from overexcitement. We had a mug of decaff and a bit of a natter. Travelling is great but coming home again is fantastic – and I’ve still got J&B and BB to hug!


Still got a thing about lavender!

🙂 🙂 🙂

9 thoughts on “I’m back …

  1. Glad to hear you arrived back home safely, after a great trip! I read all your posts and enjoyed travelling with you. Could not write comments due to a busy schedule: holidaying in Le Touquet with Kiwi family, throwing a family party for the Kiwi family, holiday with friends in Normandy and then back home receiving Chilean friends with their sweet little daughter. So sorry we couldn’t invite you to come and stay this time… Oh, well, there will be a next, I suppose? All the best!

    1. Aren’t we all busy people and it sounds as if you’ve had a great time too! I’m back over the water late September, overwintering in Spain and Portugal and back to UK in March. Lets hope we can arrange something … !

      1. September will take us to the south of France, but no fixed dates yet … We’ll keep in touch!

  2. Welcome home. Are you going to travel around the UK or are you going for more distant destinations.

  3. Oh and as for scotland. East coast is quite bland and boring, but west coast ! That’s another story, rough rugged and beautiful scenery. Don’t forget Isle of Sky !

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