It’s all over …

Travelling up the A9 motorway on my way to Gordes on Sunday R0X1’s right hand indicator failed. I know this as the dashboard makes a very fast click to inform one something is wrong. My first thought  was “Oh good, it would’ve been worse had the left one gone”, my second was “Oh shit, it’s that new wing mirror unit. I’ll need to find a Fiat dealer.” Musing over how much this little lot was going to cost and the legality of driving without a right hand indicator kept my anxiety levels high for the remainder of the journey. Not that it spoilt a pretty drive, the motorway was just getting me where I wanted to go but there was an awful lot of French holiday traffic cluttering up the road.

Arriving at the Aire just outside Gordes (free) I parked under the shade of a large tree and was joined an hour or so later by a lovely friendly German couple. We spent quite a while putting the world to rights and sharing similar opinions of the current state of politics and politicians. They also told me that the lavender has mostly been harvested. Later, with no distractions, I was mulling over the indicator problem again and suddenly remembered I have European cover with the RAC; doh! I decided to call in the morning. It was an absolutely silent night, not too hot and not too cold and my thoughts were at peace. Like a latter day Goldilocks, I slept soundly.

The much needed decent sleep must’ve done me some good as on waking, I had the bright idea of physically checking all the right side indicator lights. Rear right bulb blown and as it is a legal requirement to carry spare bulbs on the continent I was able to change the bulb and not bother the RAC! Why, oh why do I always assume the worst? I s’pose the best thing about it is that, as on this occasion, I’m sometimes delightfully surprised.

I drove past Senanque Abbey and they hadn’t harvested the lavender but it was well past it’s best and didn’t make the photo I’d been hoping for. Continuing on I found that my German campals had been right, all other lavender fields have been harvested. However the air was heavy with it’s delicious scent, so much nicer outdoors than in.

Lavender past its pick by date.

I comforted myself over the lack of a decent lavender photo with a France Passion overnight stop at Domain la Pellegrine, Montbrison, Côtes du Rhône country. It would’ve been churlish not to have sampled (and bought) some of their wares …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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