Sister Tutor would be proud.

Much of my time here has been spent practicing, amongst other tasks, the old nursing arts of bed bathing, bed panning, and bandaging  (compression needed on the haematoma). Rosemary was also Westminster Hospital trained, but we were there at different times, so we’ve been recounting horror stories and giggling like mad about our times doing ‘proper’ nurse training. And on seeing the perfect lines of my immaculate toe to knee bandaging (with no hole at the heel) we decided that Sister Tutor would be proud.

Yesterday was a Big Day. Rosemary played the Get Out of Bed Free card and with John (who, not to be outdone, is now sporting a massive haematoma on his big toe after dropping a concrete duck on it) and I assisting she literally hopped from bed to wheelchair. My impatient patient, despite my previous words of caution, announced she wanted to visit the veranda. I wouldn’t say it to her face – she can read it instead – but the resultant vasovagal attack (big drop in blood pressure as she’d been on her back for over a month) was entirely foreseeable and entirely to be expected; but only by me, my warnings had been forgotten in the excitement … She has now agreed to a slower approach and will be sitting up in bed x3 for 1/2 an hour each today, prior to a further attempt at sitting beside the bed for 5 minutes tomorrow. As she said to me this morning about the episode – it wasn’t the break that was the problem, it was the altitude!!!

R & Me
Westminster Hospital Old Girls!

There’s nothing nicer than a cheerful patient.

🙂 🙂 🙂

5 thoughts on “Sister Tutor would be proud.

  1. This is turning into an episode from Holby City.
    It’s addictive, you have to watch just in case you ever get the same symptoms 🙂
    I think you should start doing “You Tube” tutorials.
    More importantly “how’s the concrete duck”? 🙂

    1. It died instantly, decapitated, no match for John’s toe. As with any fatality there was a coroners enquiry. Verdict was Suicide whilst the balance of its mind was disturbed; in other words it was quackers.

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