Castillo de Lorca

Rosemary is improving slowly and steadily and eagerly awaiting her next hospital appointment in two weeks.

So yesterday, after the morning’s ministrations, I popped into Lorca to wander the medieval castle remains. The fortress high up on its hill dominates the whole of the town, floodlit at night it looks spectacular against the dark sky. The ruins are all the better for not having been over “restored”. The Espolón (western) tower (13th Century) required significant repairs for a ground to top 4in crack which occurred during the 2011 earthquake.

Originally a Muslim stronghold the castle was overrun by the future Alphonso X in 1244 and became a key defensive position for the northern Christians against the southern Muslims for over 200 years. After the final defeat of the Muslims in Granada the Fortaleza del Sol lapsed into disuse. With the advent of tourism the remains have been opened to the public with a large open arena for the staging of live music and other events and a hotel has been built within the castle wall’s eastern boundary. The 360 views are stunning.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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