Lost in translation …

I’ve not been able to get my head round the treatment prescribed for Rosemary’s cracked femur. I’ve never heard of someone having six weeks bed rest for this, why not just pin it? Today at Rafael Mendez Hospital all became clear.

The ambulance to take Rosemary to her appointment was late and there was only the driver, despite John’s earlier phone calls to say this was a two-person job. Rosemary is on bedrest lying flat, one person cannot manage to put her on a stretcher and carry her down the steps she so recently fell down. A second person was summoned and we waited for him to arrive, we were by now late for her X-ray appointment. Finally a second ambulance came and the driver helped to get Rosemary boarded. Arriving at X-ray she was taken straight in and photographed and we were down at the trauma clinic just in time for that appointment. A rather good looking, shall we say mature but gert lush, as is said in the West Country, doctor informed us that the large haematoma (huge swollen bruise) above her fibula was not masking a break and the 2 fractures of her pelvis were looking OK, no further movement of the left inferior or superior pelvic rami! All suddenly became became clear to Rosemary and I – bedrest being the standard treatment for a fractured pelvis – no wonder they hadn’t pinned her femur!! Something obviously went wrong in the original translation …

She must continue totally non-weight bearing but is now allowed to sit up for short periods. He will see her again in 2 weeks and hopefully one week after that she should be allowed to start mobilising slowly. I shall stay until her next appointment but shortly after will have to start wending my way home for R0X1’s first MOT appointment.

In the meantime the temps continue in the high thirties and I’m grateful for the pool …



🙂 🙂 🙂

3 thoughts on “Lost in translation …

  1. True friends are the ones that turn up at the drop of a hat when disaster strikes. Well done.
    I’m getting a vision of you as some kind of travelling Florence Nightingale tending the sick and wounded on various continents.
    Even ROX1 has to go for tests 🙂

    1. Funny about your vision – R and I have been discussing (joking about) the idea of R0X1 having a red cross added to her livery and me wandering around offering my nursing skills!!

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