The Patient is surviving my care (just)

The run down from Avignon to Lorca went very smoothly – even tho’ for the first time I regretted not forking out 2 grand for air-con in R0X1. I did it in two days with the overnight stop in Torredembarra, almost the halfway point, for once using the toll roads as it made the journey much quicker. My arrival was greeted especially well as I was 24 hours earlier than promised.

I’m happy to report that Rosemary is improving every day. She remains on bed rest at least until she has had her hospital appointment next Wednesday. Apparently the femur is not completely broken but has a significant crack. She also has the most enormous bruise and swelling over her fibula that I’ve ever seen. We’re unsure whether there may be bone damage underneath or if the heparin she’s on to prevent clots whilst she’s bed bound has caused a minor trauma to look worse than it really is. Either way the bed rest is probably the best treatment.

She is is incredibly good spirits bless her and has agreed to stop thanking me if I agree to stop saying sorry every time I make her wince!!

Phenomenally hot here and enjoying the evening cool off in the pool …

Views from the veranda

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Patient is surviving my care (just)

  1. Great to finally get caught up, although I ended up reading backwards. What an adventure you have had! As always, it was great fun to come along. Hope everyone is healing and you are enjoying your time at home! I loved all the lavender pictures. It is lovely.

    1. I always read magazines back to front! Rosemary is continuing to do well, sounding very cheerful in her emails. It’s great to be home but I’m sure the feet will start to itch before too long!
      Are you settling OK in California? Odds on The Arsenal winning the premiership this season?

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