Change of plan.

My regular reader will be totally unsurprised by the unscheduled change of destination. My excuses are as follows. Some and/or none may apply;

1) I got fed up waiting for the lavender fields to bloom.

2) It’s just too hot here.

3) I’ve fallen out with Meriam and Paul and gone off in a huff.

4) Daisy and Cookie had a huge fight and we had to separate them.

5) I’ve un-retired again.

Hola Espana!

Suffice to say, it was a long and hot journey from Pont-du-Gard to Torredembarra today. Totally surprised by the staff here recognising me after almost 2 years, but they did, immediately! It’s a worry.

Well done to those who guessed 5, except P&M and R who already knew. I’m on my way down to Lorca and about to don the uniform again as my dear friend Rosemary has taken a tumble and broken her leg, bumsy clugger. It’s as good an excuse for her to just sit around sipping G&T as any other I’ve heard! I’ve got the superglue for the broken bone, the enemas for any analgesia induced constipation, flannels and bowl for bed baths, rectal thermometer and the all important safety pins attached to my apron.


Looks like the legs have been in danger for a while!

P’raps I should add a Red Cross to R0X1’s new decals … ooh, and a blue light so I can exceed speed limits …

🙂 🙂 🙂


4 thoughts on “Change of plan.

  1. After reading about your medieval medical equipment, No offence, but if I ever break a bone, trust me I won’t be calling you. lol 🙂

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