Parked with the enemy

Monday was moving day. Unfortunately I’d forgotten that it was a holiday weekend, so on arrival at the chosen destination there were only two pitches left. One wasn’t big enough for R0X1 so I took the other. It was too hot to find another campsite having already waited ages for the market to clear the street before I could get to the site, so I made do with the sloping pitch under the pine trees next to the road. After a not very comfortable night, the ramps needed to be twice as big to level out R0X1 and earplugs might’ve helped with the noise, I made up my mind that I wouldn’t bother with the promised pitch change in the morning; I’d change site. However the pitch offered the next day was level, not surrounded by the dreaded pine trees (I don’t know what it is about pine trees but I find being amongst them claustrophobic and depressing) and away from the sporadically noisy road.

I’m parked amongst the enemies tho’. This site is full of mountain bikers, the ones who arrogantly assume they own the road and have the helmet cameras to prove that it is not their fault that they were speeding down the centre of the road or slowly in a dense pack going up it. This is Mont Ventoux country and the little town of Bédoin has almost more bike shops, bike accessory shops and bike clothing shops than it has cafés, bars and restaurants. Bédoin’s probably the capital of Ventoux country being on the route up and around the mountain. Don’t get me wrong, there are some “ordinary” cyclists here that I very much admire also “doing” the route. However given LWD’s nervousness around bikes I shall probably make the stay here fairly short and after I’ve driven to the summit, because I’m sensible and conserve my energies for pressing shutters, changing lenses/filters etc., we’ll be moving on.

The blurb says this site is at the foot of Mt. Ventoux. Why do we say at the foot of a mountain? I’ve seen no sign of Ventoux’s footwear or bare toes, nails varnished or not! Lovely views tho’ and some nice walks along paths that the bikers aren’t interested in.

Today LWD and I are enjoying an apparently only brief respite from the very hot weather. It’s only 21℃ – I’ve had to put my cardi on …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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