The Mission

I accepted my self-challenge to photograph all the water mills on the town map. L’Isle-sur-La-Sorgue has 14 of them … some of them working, some of them not. DON’T PANIC. I’m not putting all of them in this post, I’d rather keep my regular reader!

It was a slightly less hot morning yesterday with a couple of showers due, the afternoon was forecast to be wetter so the a.m. was the chosen time for the project. There were indeed a couple of showers but not enough to lay the dust.

Mission accomplished

The afternoon saw no showers at all so my trip round the mountains to the colourful town of Roussillon didn’t prove to be a repeat of the Corfu experience; all four wheels remained firmly under my control, no thanks at all to the 100s (well several 10s) of maniac cyclists chasing each other down the mountains round narrow hairpin bends in the middle of the road as I was going up. Not sure how any of them survive, but at least I didn’t splat them.

Early evening light at Roussillon

Another brilliant day.

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Mission

  1. And another brilliant post. Love it! Hot here too. We went to the Netherlands for a couple of days, staying at marinas. Loved it. Now the moho goes back to winter storage, as we are having NZ guests, going to France with them and then holidaying in France later on with other friends… Looks good ;-))

  2. Ho; at least you are doing the journey in the right weather. I did it January on my way to Aix en Provence. Water mills and mill ponds all frozen up. -12°c at night. Brrrr.

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