If I never hear it again …

Camping Pont-d’Avignon is a great site – and I really should have stayed one more night, as then I could’ve watched Arsenal win the FA Cup on the bar TV rather than reading updates via the web.  Trouble was that I made up my mind to depart without thinking of the match. However K joined me on the phone for the last nail biting 4 minutes of stoppage time and we celebrated together – nice one K. Arsenal have now won the cup for a record breaking 13 times with Arsène as manager for 7 of them.

Don’t think I’ve ever digressed preparatory to starting before …

Truth is that I was totally fed up with the singing … One of the delights of the site is it’s position on an island in the middle of the Rhône right opposite the Palais des Papes and the famous St Benézét bridge, wonderful view; the downside being that the evening cruises in extremely large barges pause right by the ruined bridge, and every time they play that “sous le pont” song. One of the barges has a bloke, using a very powerful sound system, playing an accordion and “singing” an extremely small repertoire of that song, followed by Frère Jacques then Allouette and finally a quick rendition of La Marseillaise. He has a middling lousy voice; I wanted to remove his plumage, forget that poor lark’s!

Just before reaching the lavender museum at Coustellat I passed through a great looking town, L’isle-sur-la-Sorgue, which wasn’t on my to visit list, so when the lavender at museum proved not quite blooming I headed back to a site on the edge of the town. Today was market day – and there’s nothing quite like a Provençal market …

… especially in such gorgeous surroundings.

🙂 🙂 🙂

5 thoughts on “If I never hear it again …

  1. Oh, la douce France! Isn’t it a beautiful country! We’re on a short trip in the Netherlands at the moment, on an island, Hoeksche Waard. Very nice too, esp. for cycling! Keep travelling and enjoying yourself!

  2. Beautiful again!

    Sorry you missed viewing the match; hope you got caught up by video at some point. It’s worth reliving!

    1. Thanks Amy.

      I may be able to catch up with it at some point – but it’s enough to have shared the moment with my Gooner daughter!

      Hope California is suiting you; and the new job.

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