A Grand Day Out

I decided to treat myself to a trip on the train of the Cévennes, of course that meant taking the LWD. She didn’t remain an LWD for long. It was a steam train. The carriages had no windows so there was soot all over the floor. What does the former LWD love doing? Rubbing her scent all over floors … she currently bears a remarkable likeness to a panda. Apt considering where else we went. Apart from the ugly looking dog it was a beautiful 40 minute journey and for once, as I wasn’t driving, I was able to enjoy the views without worrying about going off the rails.

Sûr le train à Vapeur des Cévennes

We arrived in Anduze, the other end of the line, but I wasn’t particularly bothered about seeing the town as I’d noticed the previous station called Bambouseraie and caught a glimpse of what was on offer. Throwing all caution to the wind I decided to check it out properly and interrupted the journey back with a 3 hour visit, even had lunch out – blowing the budget for the entire week!

It’s a fascinating place celebrating bamboo, loads of different varieties from a couple of inches high to 50 or 60 feet, twisted, green, yellow and black. It also had a Loatian replica village built of bamboo complete with pigs (real not bamboo), a Chinese dragon garden and Japanese bonsai. Everywhere the sound of running water from the streams and of course there was plenty of shade under the very tall bamboo forests.


A delightfully refreshing but tranquil place. The former LWD seemed to enjoy it too.

🙂 🙂 🙂

7 thoughts on “A Grand Day Out

  1. I do enjoy a good steam train journey and a visit to somewhere really unusual.
    The Bambouseraie is some thing I never considered existed.

  2. Hi Maggie, here I know you receive our messages. Cookie has to have another operation, the other leg this time, don’t know if we are able to have any trip at all this year
    Love PMC

    1. So sorry to hear that. Poor Cookie. Hope the op goes well. If you don’t get away let me know. I’ll phone you when I’m on my way north to see if you’re free for a visit. Loadsoflove from Daisy and me xxx

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