Travels with a Daisy in the Cévennes …

with apologies to RLS (see column right)

My regular reader will have noticed I haven’t mentioned driving wriggly, winding, steep lines this trip. Well, I didn’t want to bore myself, let alone you my faithful reader (but I’ve been grinning – lots and lots and lots over the past few days).

Today I travelled a different route from Florac towards Ales. I went along the N106 in both directions, (so) last year. Today I drove via the Cévennes and the views were much better, and had more stopping places for the all important photo ops. So lets hear it for the D9. Poor Daize found my frequent oohs, aahs and wows quite disconcerting.

The D9 through the Cévennes

On arrival at lunchtime the road to the Aire was closed as it was market day, so we had a wander round. I bought some olives and artisan bread for lunch and ate them with cold meats, parked by the side of the D9 waiting for the road to open at 14.00 hrs. 14.05 found R0X1 parked in another great Aire, in St Jean-du-Gard. The Smart One might be interested to know we are in the car park of a steam railway station. I might even indulge myself in a little treat tomorrow …

St Jean-du-Gard

It’s still very hot …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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