River rising

As I said in my last ramblings the circus arrived amidst a blast of horns and sirens. There’s also been a very noisy promo vehicle driving around several times a day blaring out a recorded message, just in case anyone remains unaware of the visit. The circus is camped right by the river. It’s a circus with animals. I do not approve of circuses with animals. The river has been rising. Perhaps if the river rises a bit more the circus will go away …

The circus by the Tarn

But then …

A lot of people have been very worried, and not about the circus.


Some of the worried people

There has been a heck of a lot of rain. Have these swans built their nest in the wisest of places? The tiny island is already a little flooded.

 The tiny island

They have two eggs – if the river rises much more will they survive to hatch? I really hope so …


 The nest

 … but will never know, as we leave Millau tomorrow. We are certainly not running off with the circus. We’re off up the Gorge du Tarn.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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