A Lot of cuckooing …

I want to explore the historic village of Conques, but I don’t enjoy sight seeing when it’s raining stair rods so waking up to that this morning at the village Aire in Cassaniouze altered the plans for today. Instead I headed for the luxury of the sparky stuff (and having a fire on) and showers (the hot type; what was pelting down could not be called showers).


The River Lot under low cloud and (a lot of) rain

I’d found what appeared a nice site a few kms outside Conques in the ACSI book after I’d seen the weather forecast last night and found it to be in excess of my expectations. A beautifully laid out, tranquil (well, if you don’t include the sound of stair rods falling on the roof or a very vocal cuckoo in the tree behind R0X1) spot beside a small lake, and no-one here but me and my gallant crew! Weather’s due to improve on Monday so Conques will wait til then – meanwhile wellies are de rigeur …

The site and Daize after investigating  a mole-hill

🙂 🙂 🙂

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