Found; the invisible line

Daisy has enjoyed the walking here in Uzerche, I know she has, as following a couple of days of one of her infrequent but regular mardy episodes, tail down, lethargic and clingy, today she was grinning away whilst rolling around in all the noxious substances on the riverbank she could find.

I don’t know where the invisible line is as I’ve never seen it, much like the equator which I’ve stood on but still couldn’t see, however once I’m below this particular north/south divide I totally relax and feel the urge to slow down. It’s certainly somewhere between Chateudun and Uzerche as we’re spending two nights at the Aire here. I took one look at this ancient, very attractive Merovingian town and wanted to have a good mooch around, so two nights it is. The centre is unspoilt with steep narrow streets and loads of old buildings to appreciate and, with very few tourists yet we’ve had the place pretty much to ourselves, the locals, LWD and I.

Uzerche, Limousin

Plenty of sunshine today, which, by this afternoon had my head in the metaphorical black hole of the garage (not really black as I put an LED strip in there) to find short sleeved T-shirts, cutoffs, and flipflops. I also got out the moon chair, with which I have a love/hate relationship; hate as it’s difficult to it get in and out of the aforementioned garage and love as both Daize and I can snuggle up in it together. We didn’t sunbathe for too long but my freckles (or are they age spots?) have put in an appearance. I haven’t put the jeans and jumpers away yet as the Auvergne is not likely to be as warm. Next stop – Aurillac.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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