The newest crew member.

As my regular reader may remember I had a falling out with Tom last autumn when he refused to direct me in Germany, I have no idea why they named Tom twice because unlike New York, he was just not that good.

My regular reader may also remember, that in a previous chapter, I briefly alluded  to his replacement being acquired, and the last couple of days have been a bit of a test. I had to admit to being somewhat irritated with frequent binging and bonging at first, I think Teach was too as she did what teachers do, and on the way back from Beaulieu got a hold of her and instructed her to shut up with the binging and bonging unless and until  binging and bonging is requested; I’ve been much happier since! The new crew member hasn’t passed the Germany test but then I haven’t entered her for it  – yet! She’s doing pretty well on her French test, and her politely informing me of a road closure on today’s route and that she has already has us on diversion was quite helpful – (not in the case of roadworks on the A329, eh Teach?) Except for the difference of opinion on the best type of GPS co-ordinates to use, I think we’re going to get on splendidly. This morning, for instance, she informed me that a road on our route was closed and that she had diverted automatically. Because she’s such a star and so obviously female she has been dubbed Garmina!  She does have the worst French accent I’ve ever heard tho …

We’ve trundled away south and are currently in Chateaudun for the night in a free Aire. I’m popping to a Tabac to see if I can get a French data SIM as the unlocking of the dongle was successful.

Chateaudun last autumn

The steps up from the riverside into town are call St Peter’s descent and there are 199 of them – I’ve become unfit over winter.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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