And we’re off …

At the starting gate the runners and riders were champing at the bit. The runner; R0X1. The driver; me. The navigator; Garmina. The general dogsbody; Daisy!

J, with the sometimes unnerving habit our family has of knowing exactly when to contact each other, phoned me to ask what time I was leaving. I was able to report that simultaneously with the question came the ferry main engine start!

Dover was cold, claggy, windy and wet as we left.


Our ferry viewed from the starting gate.

Calais was cold, claggy, windy and wet as we arrived. It’s easy to forget they are only 25 miles(ish) apart. The nasty stuff continued until mid-afternoon but cleared just before arrival at the first night stop. Having had to spend the night wearing thick walking socks, a jumper over pyjamas and having two blankets over the duvet, this morning the sun is out and the temperature is beginning to climb.

A convenient place to stop for the first night was Le Crotoy,  it was also my first ever Aire. Beside the R. Somme, it’s a quaint fishing port and there were a fair few tourist types on a May bank holiday. The Aire almost emptied of motorhomes late evening as many went home presumably the occupants had go to go to work today.

Port de Le Crotoy

I am now contemplating a move straight to the Med for a couple of weeks and waiting for the mountain area to warm a little more before heading to the Auvergne … well I would, wouldn’t I?!

🙂 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “And we’re off …

  1. Head SW Maggie. 29° here in mid Portugal & I reckon the high plains N of Madrid are going to be equally warm. Yup I’m slowly heading N. Cherbourg to Poole sometime early June. Safe trip….. You’ve earned it. ☺☺🌷🌷

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