Hooray for jigsaw puzzles.

Thankfully, given my paid-for ferry booking on Monday, this week K has been given her marching orders by both surgeon and physiotherapist. We’ve seen the x-ray and her scaffolding is a thing of beauty to behold which all metal detectors will hate! No sign yet of the bone grafting but that apparently takes several months. Surgeon said with a self-deprecating grin that he thought he’d done a pretty good job – we nodded our heads and made sounds of agreement enthusiastically. Physioterrorist is exceeding happy with the improvements in her leg and thinks there may be more to come as her stamina improves. The patient, OK the Ex-patient, was getting a bit down before the appointments as she felt she progress had stalled – until I pointed out that she is now walking at normal pace i.e. – I don’t slow down for her any more so although she is walking for the same amount of time she is covering at least twice the amount of distance! Once she’d worked that out she became a happy bunny.

I’m having a minor flurry of activity preparing for The Off in 3 days and Daisy has developed another ear infection, as she always does in an effort to persuade me she’s too poorly to go to the groomer – never works but she does get extra cuddles.

I get inspiration for journeys from various sources, photos by my Ipernity buddies, travel articles, recommendations of fellow bloggers – and jigsaw puzzles. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with jigsaw puzzles but since I’ve started to solve online puzzles it’s more love than hate – well the damn thing isn’t lying around taking huge amounts of space and I rarely lose pieces! The early part of this trip will be to the villages of the Auvergne simply because I loved a jigsaw I solved of a bridge in Estaing. Then off to drive the Gorges du Tarn and eventually over to the lavender fields of Provence, with maybe a bit of beachtime thrown in for good measure. Hopefully returning via northern Italy, Switzerland and Germany, but only if the new sat. nag. is playing ball.

Oddities beside the Cut


Hoping to meet up with some of my blogging pals on the way, see you on the other side!

🙂 🙂 🙂

5 thoughts on “Hooray for jigsaw puzzles.

  1. Hello! I was drawn by your Auvergne ‘tag’ since I live normally in Cantal though am in Grenoble for a few months at the moment. I do hope you enjoy your next trip and that the Auvergne delights you on your way to the Tarn and to Provence and all the other delights you have planned.

    1. Thank you so much. As it’s still so cold I’m putting off my visit – I shall have a couple of weeks right down south first. Looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful area.

      1. Yes, we drove home from Grenoble on Thursday through some snow and arrived back in Grenoble Sunday night to much fresh snow on the mountains. That said, we had previously been enjoying temps nudging 80F so summer maybe hiding but not too far away. Enjoy the South and all the beauty it has to offer 😊

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