Another Midlands Meander

Just had a great long weekend at Kings Bromley Wharf where BB is in fine fettle.

We took a car trip up to Bakewell, prettyish but very touristy. The drive up was much more enjoyable through some very beautiful hills and dales. We bought some traditional Bakewell tarts and were rather disappointed – they had been glazed with honey which totally overpowered the almond and raspberry flavours. However there is still hope and another chance to restore our faith in local bakeries; after we’d bought these defective Bakewells we noticed the original Bakewell Pudding Factory. We’ll have to go back and check out their contribution to culinary excellence. We drove back via Matlock Bath but couldn’t find a car parking space so that’s on the revisit list too – it looks far more interesting than Bakewell!

The Peak District

The next day we took a boat trip to Rugely – now unless you’re BB and want a long trip to the supermarket, Rugely should never feature on your revisit list. But then the trip wasn’t about Rugely, it was about having a trip out on the cut in fine spring weather. It was the LWD’s first time on the boat when Blue Buzzard’s underway and she was a very nervous pup, shaking like crazy – or as she was sitting on the roof with my arms around her, it could’ve been just a ruse for extra cuddles!

Spring as viewed from the cut

We bade BB bye-bye for three months this morning, as the Mended One is now able to drive and I’m allowed out to play a month early … Dover-Calais ferry is booked for May 1st!

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Another Midlands Meander

  1. Oh, so nice to read your ferry’s booked. We’re in Germany then but back home by May 8 till… Always welcome! Or depending on our and your travels, who knows where we will meet!

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