72 hours (part deux)

Night two brought more muttered complaints of stolen territory and kicking (K) and frequent garbled chatter (Smart One). The Smart One woke bright and chirpy; K did not.

We left site and just outside the village parked up so the Smart One, Daisy and I could have a walk through the forest and K could go back to bed! Once again the weather refused to comply with the forecast and was stubbornly sunny. The Smart One had the map and navigated us in a circle for an hour or so’s walk along tracks which thankfully were mostly clear of horse riders, LWD is frightened of horses, and cyclists who, for once, she avoided chasing. Mind you the cyclists did approach from the front rather than sneaking silently up on her from the rear.

Setthorn, the New Forest.

Then back off to Beaulieu for a walk through the grounds and to visit the Palace and the Abbey ruins. The palace unlike many stately houses has almost “ordinary” sized rooms and is all the better for it. It feels homely, if grand, and many of the portraits are recent and relaxed. Unfortunately tho’ I didn’t pick up the spare camera battery before I left R0X1 and it was too far to walk there and back again … so the Abbey ruins and Palace photography will have to wait for another visit. Any excuse, it’s a lovely place and free admission for us during the next 12months!

Beaulieu Palace

The Love Tree

After some splendidly generous portions of ice cream we left for home. Luckily we  weren’t trying to get away to the coast for the Easter Weekend and so our journey was easy.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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