72 hours (the first half)

For various reasons, we only had a quick 72 hours window to take The Smart One to Beaulieu and the National Motor Museum. A day trip was not on the cards because of the recently Mended One’s need for regular movement followed by regular rests, so R0X1 came into her own.

We stayed on a beautiful and peaceful certificated site in the New Forest just a few miles away from Beaulieu arriving on an un-forcasted warm and sunny afternoon. (I won’t go into the details of a minor roundabout contretemps – it’s what T-cut is for). The Smart One’s tent was left behind as very cold nights were (accurately) forecast, so he and K top-and-tailed it in my bed and I took the up-ladder bed. (BB may be interested to know that I am able to climb into and out of the bed from the pilot seat without using the table and therefore there was no breakage of same!) Judging by the number of  “ow, you kicked me’s” muttered in the dark, I got the better of the bargain!

The following morning we headed off into Lymington for desperately needed LPG before we went to Beaulieu, only to come across virtually unmoving traffic only a mile from our destination fuel station. Inching forward very slowly it eventually came to my notice that there was a truck stationary under the railway bridge and another stationary on the other side of the road but not under the bridge. My first thought was that they were having a width stand off although other vehicles were carefully progressing through the gap. Then the traffic stopped completely whilst under-bridge truck unfolded a crane and proceeded to lift a rather large something-or-other up onto said truck’s roof!  After which we were allowed to slowly continue. I’m still not sure oncoming truck could have made it through, it was wider than R0X. The backlog of traffic coming in the opposite direction was humungous and virtually brought the town to a standstill. Luckily, once I’d filled up with LPG, we were able to leave Lymington via an alternative route.

Having a picnicked by a large pond with the ubiquitous ponies and donkeys all around …

Donkeys at Hatchet pond

we finally arrived at Beaulieu and decided to visit only the motor museum …

Early Bugatti and Merryweather fire engine

Schummie’s, Senna’s and Button’s F1 championship cars

and Top Gear exhibition and …

The x-channel amphibious car, the indestructible Toyota Hilux and the Top Gear tents

 a quick evening visit to the sea-side …


The Isle of Wight Needles 

leaving the house and gardens for the following day.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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