Naming day.

So following an external wash and brush up, including the roof, which saw me exiting via the rear roof light and wandering around very gingerly 2.83 metres up with hose, bucket and long handled broom …

(Actually the entry on to the roof was remarkably easy once I stood precariously on a stool on the mattress of the raised bed to gain enough leverage to push myself up. After the roof was scrubbed it probably would have been easier to reverse back in but would’ve involved getting on my hands and knees on the wet and slippery surface. I didn’t want to cause nightmares for the onlooking Smart Preteen – offering advice as only smartarse preteens can – by slipping off the end of the roof and splatting myself on K’s car below, nor did I wish to incur her wrath over the dents thereby incurred. So getting back in was neither easy, nor elegant. I got my right foot down through the opening and tippytoed on the stool, however I was totally unable to move my left leg as it got snagged up on the edge of the roof light. I had to lean my top half over to my right as far as I could, grab my jeans hem with my free hand and pull my leg inside inch by inch, all the while wobbling about on the stool. Having got the left leg safely down through the roof light with my right leg I kicked the stool away and knelt on the mattress  preparatory to sliding down off the bed – except that my left leg was now snagged up in the blanket… As I said – not an elegant reentry)

… R0X1, sparkling in the spring sunshine, arrived at the plastic surgeons.

“Again”, do I hear you ask regular reader? What have you done and where’s the hole/crack/dent this time?

Ah, but this time the visit was purely for cosmetic/vanity reasons …

Fed up with Adria’s advertising on the outside I decided to do a bit of my own advertising…

And R0X1 finally got her name …

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Naming day.

  1. What an adventure! Fortunately with a happy ending! Rox1 looks very pretty or is it handsome? Nearly ready to hit the road and the Continent!

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