Bored now …

My out-of-date nursing skills are no longer needed. She-who-has-been-mended is tearing up the tarmac on the road to recovery. Her physioterrorist is amazed at her progress and they are teamed up in a game of “let’s-see-exactly-how-much-we-can-improve-this-supposedly-non-improvable-nerve-damaged-leg”.

My skills at housework (negligible), laundry (adequate), childcare (so-so … the grandchild is a pre-teen, it’s not easy!), taxi driver (awesome), nagging mother (extremely awesome) and cooking (even more extremely awesome), remain in demand.

So, with the patient, the above described ex-nurse and the sometimes sulky pre-teen all feeling like the walls are closing in, my regular reader will be totally gob-smacked to learn  … I Have A Plan and what’s more The Plan Will Be Implemented.

It’s called the Half-way Plan (because K’s halfway through the post op recovery period) ; we are all, including LWD, going camping in the New Forest for a couple of days/nights in R0X1! The mended-one insists she is able to get up the steps into my bed (I’ll be in the bed that necessitates use of a ladder, she’s not that limber yet) and The Smart Pre-teen gets a brand new tent (well he has to have somewhere to go if he has a strop, and at least he won’t be able to slam the door!).

Blooming spring

😀  😀  😀

3 thoughts on “Bored now …

  1. Dear Maggie

    Sounds like an excellent plan if you are now redundant! Hope you all have a great time, and that Roxi’s walls will not be too close to you all!

    New Forest should be delightful, if a tad chilly, for us Murcians anyway. We are set to travel by air tomorrow to Stanstead and renew our family ties in Kent.
    All the best, lots of love
    Rosemary XXXXX

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